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Onlyplay have previously made a couple of forays to the Crash online game niche, nonetheless it’s fair to express that individuals haven’t been particularly impressed by their efforts to date. We’re a lot more than thrilled to offer Limbo Cat a go, however, because is apparently somewhat much better in at least a couple of respects. Before we are able to supply you with the final verdict, but we need to walk you through a number of details!

Thematically, Limbo Cat features a cat with a container, so we’re getting a rather funny take on things. We’ve seen some military-themed Crash games before, but this 1 is keeping things light-hearted to a diploma, that will clearly kindly a good amount of people. Manufacturing values aren’t particularly impressive, but hey, they do work on the basic amount.

Limbo Cat Casino Game – Gameplay Screen

You can easily leap into Limbo Cat for stakes between £1 and £100 per game round, with the total jackpot obviously standing at 10,000x your bet. That’s very impressive if true, but we some really disappointing development also. You see, the theoretical RTP of Limbo Cat is just 94.20%, that will be pretty poor.

Limbo Cat Gameplay and Functions

If you’re however to relax and play a Crash/Burst casino online game, you need to get a brief history of how things work. As soon as you load the game up, you’ll get to place your bet or bets the upcoming game round. After that, the overall game round begins, and you’ll see the cat’s container continue, utilizing the displayed bet multiplier increasing because it continues on and on. Your goal should click the simply take switch before the tank gets damaged. If you are able to accomplish that, you’ll collect the profits obtained thus far. If you don’t, you’ll must a cure for a far better outcome within the next game round.

Limbo Cat Casino Game – Win Screen

As is the new standard, you are able to put up to two bets per round in Limbo Cat, meaning it is possible to go with two separate techniques if youd like to. That adds a little bit of complexity to things, which is pleasant.

Your usual autoplay and multiplayer features are also within Limbo Cat, but it’s all items that we’ve seen before, and we’d undoubtedly like to see Onlyplay improving their game within respect in the years ahead.

Notably, however, you can find random cardboard boxes the tank can crush. When that occurs, the exhibited win multiplier will likely be increased by 1.2x, therefore you’ll certainly want to see as many of these as you possibly can!

Review Overview

Regrettably, we aren’t particularly impressed by Limbo Cat, also it’s quite obvious that there are lots of better Crash games on the market. It’s great to see an accident online game with these types of a funny theme, true, plus the random cardboard boxes tend to be a good function too, but the low RTP actually brings this video game down significantly.


  • Funny motif
  • Random cardboard boxes with 1.2x multipliers
  • Place up to 2 bets per game round


  • Poor 94.20% RTP
  • Worse than other Crash games
  • Just disappointing general
Whats the RTP of Limbo Cat?
The game’s theoretical RTP is 94.20%, that is rather bad.
Just how volatile is Limbo Cat?
There’s no formal volatility offered.
What is the biggest winnings feasible in Limbo Cat?
The maximum possible victory is apparently 10,000x your risk.
How exactly does the gameplay associated with Limbo Cat internet casino game work?
As soon as you spot your bet(s), you’ll view a cat in a tank rolling ahead, with all the displayed bet multiplier increasing because does. Your objective should click the simply take button prior to the container gets destroyed.
Is Limbo Cat available as a cellular casino online game?
Yes, it is possible to enjoy Limbo Cat on mobile devices should you want to.
May I play Limbo Cat at no cost?
Yes, definitely! Click on these link and start playing - Play Limbo Cat 100% free!

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